Does rest at Ferrari? Vettel shows leniency, Leclerc gives himself remorseful

Sebastian Vettel drew even the great Michael Schumacher as an example, Charles Leclerc crept effectively to crosses – before the Russian Grand Prix was the Appearance of Ferrari stars on Thursday in Sochi for the Peace Summit. A few days after the stress test in Singapore, the message was: Nothing is bigger than the Scuderia. The success of the racing team is at the center.

"There were never any problems with Sebastian," said Leclerc, who lost the victory to his stable rival last Sunday due to the team strategy and complained loudly on the radio.


That reaction, the 21-year-old said, "was overdone, which shows that I still have much to learn, it will not happen again, the team was right, the strategy was right."

The trigger was the adrenaline rush during the race. "I wake up in the morning and think of victories, I go to sleep in the evening and think of victories," Leclerc said: "That's very important to me, but I have to control myself better in those situations and just shut up."

Leclerc lost the lead in Singapore as the team took a chance in the short term and Vettel called to a halt first. Ultimately, this led to Scuderia's first double victory in more than two years, but Leclerc remained second only.

Vettel Can Recognize Leclerc's "Displeasure"

Vettel nonetheless showed understanding for his eleven-year-younger colleague , "I can understand his displeasure," said the four-time World Champion: "And you should not overstate things that are said on the radio." Emotions are included in the sport, otherwise you could not bring any performance. "

Since the Summer break shows Ferrari improved greatly, so that both drivers can fight for victory with Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton. Since this ambition is normal. "We both want to win, but there is only room for one on the top step," said Vettel.

At least, apart from the track, the peace at Ferrari seems stable for now. Come back on Sunday (13:10 clock CEST / RTL) emotions into the game, he is put to the test. And if the thought of the Schumacher era really helps, remains to be seen. "Not even Michael was bigger than the team pilot," Vettel said. "And he's pretty tall."

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