Bone ground: "Fergie" unpacks its beauty surgeries




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<p class= Happy children make you beautiful – but that's not all.

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Just before her 60th birthday, Sarah Ferguson radiates a great deal of youthfulness. Is that only due to the love happiness of her daughters Eugenie and Beatrice? Or is there more behind it? No one speaks so openly about Botox & Co. as Princess Fettnäpfchen.


Botox, Lifting, Stem Cells: Sarah Ferguson has already undergone some cosmetic procedures. Why she always goes under the knife and which methods are the most effective – she does not keep silent about this, but chatters away happy. Gorgeous actually! For even a Duchess the signs of the time do not pass by without a trace. In any case, Fergie is not too bad for cosmetic surgery: the 59-year-old ex-wife of Prince Andrew, mother of the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, has even gone under the knife several times. "To look good at 60, you have to help a bit," she admits in an interview with the British newspaper "Daily Mail."

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<p class= What is so special about" Fergie "is its incomparably atypical, unroyal nature …

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Among other things, "Fergie" could be sprayed on the forehead, but that was a long time ago. "I've got it Have Botox injected; The 59-year-old revealed that she had switched to other methods: her chin and throat had been splashed with vitamins, but most of the time she would prefer laser treatment, which is not so painful and lasting 60 minutes, but the treatment is also expensive: from 3750 pounds upwards.

Needling, Lifting, Schleifing

The procedures are almost always carried out by the same doctor, Dr. Gabriela Mercik, The two met in Poland in 1992. Today, Mercik has her own clinic in London, and Fergie seems to trust her blindly, "I've often treated her as a guinea pig," says the Duchess of the various methods and applications. The Mercik has offered her.

Among other things, she has undergone a so-called needle-lifting on the cheeks, where the tissue under the skin with medical Thread sewn together and pulled upwards. The sutures then dissolve within six months on their own.

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<p class= Some may wonder: what would Diana say to all this?

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The fact that she wears heeled heels is due to a cosmetic operation, and she still suffers from her stilettos at the wedding of her daughter Eugenie in 2018 "I guess I ruined my feet by riding a lot," Fergie says, so she decided to use stem cell therapy: the bone of her big toe had been abraded, a stem cell injection – from her waist – made the bone grow back.

Let's hope that si e better at the next wedding: Definitely, her daughter Beatrice will soon marry. Whether she says "yes" again – that's what the colorful leaves ask at regular intervals over and over again – because her ex-husband and she seems to connect more than usual for ex-couples. How far, however, the "Epstein" scandal stands in the way of this second spring, nobody can say. The path of Sarah Ferguson is no easy one – but one she has always liked to share with the public, as unpleasant as it may be and with everything that goes with it.

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