Bullets: Season 1 Thriller Series with Sibel Kekilli Launches on TV

After "Die Brücke", "The Killing" and the "Millennium" trilogy, the creators of these successful materials provide supplies for Nordic Noir. The result is the German-Finnish-Belgian co-production "Bullets", a gloomy mix of spy thriller, political drama and classic thriller. At the center are two women who could hardly be more different but who nevertheless pursue similar goals – and perhaps that is why they enter into an unusual and, above all, dangerous relationship: undercover police officer Mari Saari (Krista Kosonen) and the mysterious Madina Taburova (Sibel Kekilli), who travels to Finland under false identity and seeks political asylum. RTL Crime shows the thrilling thriller series with the German exceptional talent Sibel Kekilli in one of the main roles for the first time on German television. The first episode will be on 3.12.2019 at 20:15.

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