Color protection shampoos are consumer deception, according to Stiftung Warentest

SPIEGEL: Mr. Koppmann, about twelve million Germans are dyed
Hair. Many of them use special shampoos that come with slogans like "to
to 12 weeks of color protection. "Keep these products what they are

Koppmann: No. We tested 15 shampoos that promise that
Color of colored hair to get longer. Among them were cheap and
expensive products. The result: No shampoo protects the paint reliably.

SPIEGEL: Protecting the color – how can it?

Koppmann: Colored hair is always damaged hair because of
Dyeing is the hair structure attacked. The approach of these color protection products
is to care for the hair very intensively and thereby maintain the color.
However, our research shows that a nourishing shampoo that has no
Color protection promises, usually not worse than a so-called
Color Protection Shampoo.

SPIEGEL: According to advertising, many of these shampoos also protect against
UV radiation of the sun

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