Costs of higher wages: Spahn plans surcharge on hospital bills




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<p class= To offset the additional costs of higher wages, clinics should be able to charge 0.3 percent on invoices for one year.

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In order to make up for the costs of higher wages, Health Minister Spahn is planning a temporary surcharge on hospital bills, according to a media report. As a result, the facilities will be provided with around 250 million euros in addition.


According to a media report, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to introduce a temporary surcharge on hospital bills to compensate for the costs of higher wages. As of January 2020, hospitals should charge their patients a premium equal to 0.3 percent of their total claim, as reported by the "Spiegel" with reference to a bill by the Federal Ministry of Health.

In this way, Spahn wants to provide clinics with around one quarter of a billion euros. The surcharge should expire according to "mirror" end of 2020 again. The statutory health insurance funds, which pay the hospital treatment for their insured, would be burdened by the new regulation with 225 million euro. Spahn wants to tap into the reserves of the health fund to make up for this extra expenditure.

According to the report, private health insurers are being asked to pay € 17 million, and the subsidy to officials of eight million. The coalition wants to ensure better pay for nurses. At the end of 2018, Spahn had promised by law that the costs of higher collective wages would be borne.

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