"It is also a head problem": FC Bayern staggers into the next autumn crisis




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Completely unnecessary FC Bayern misses in Augsburg again Bundesliga points. To the frustration joins the pain over the severe injury of Niklas Süle and the fermenting discussion around Thomas Müller. The bosses seethe in silence, their nerves are blank. The crisis is near.


Niko Kovac looked grim, it was hard for the coach of Bayern Munich in some moments to keep his composure. The Croatian felt that the football champions after a completely superfluous 2: 2 (1-1) at FC Augsburg countered a renewed autumn crisis. Kovac not only had to swallow the carelessly missed victory, but also the severe injury of Niklas Süle (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee) and further probing questions about the exciting topic of Thomas Müller.

While the sensitive Bayern coach criticism of the Munich appearance was sometimes too lumpy and he reacted to a largely good performance from his point of view noticeably displeased, captain Manuel Neuer was much clearer. "I do not want to say that it's overbearing, but it's a bit casual, I think it's a head problem, too, that you get stolen points, that's not Bayern-like," the goalkeeper complained.

That sounded more like fundamental problems – and that the bosses left the Augsburg Stadium without comment and with a downcast face, is generally considered an alarm signal in Munich. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge ("I have time, but I'm not talking") and President Uli Hoeneß ("Unfortunately not") certainly have no desire for a deja-vu, speak to a reminder of the turbulent last year, the Kovac almost cost the job. 15 points after eight Bundesliga games and only four wins are not enough. "Our claim would be to have six, seven more points than at the moment", emphasized Neuer.

The pressure on results increases enormously

The result pressure therefore increases for the coach, already on Tuesday at the Championships. Olympiacos Piraeus League duel demands more sovereignty and concentration. Since Bayern also has to contend with persistent defensive problems, comes the failure of defense chiefs Süle (24), which should be operated on Sunday and fails for months, even more at odds. "We are doubly sad," Kovac said in Augsburg therefore on record. "That's the worst thing that happened today," Kovac complained about Süleus mishap, which had already befallen the national team in a harmless-looking duel with Augsburg's Florian Niederlechner.

When Süleen left the stadium on crutches At least the game seemed to be heading in the right direction. Serge Gnabry (49.) scored the lead almost at the same time after Robert Lewandowski (14) equalized the FCA lightning strike with Marco Richter's goal after 27 seconds. But then Bayern blighted opportunities in abundance, Alfred Finnbogason (90 + 1) punished that. Even Müller (90th) could have decided after his substitution the game.

"We have to pull together"

Kovac had left him on the bench for the sixth time in a row, only in the 80th minute, although competitor Philippe Coutinho was by no means convinced and had previously played with Brazil in Singapore on international tour. "The team that was on the field did a very good job, we just did not reward each other," Kovac said irritably on demand. Questions about Muller's situation can be found on the popularity scale just below. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is also noted. "The coach opted for the other option, it worked quite well, so that's just how it is," he said curtly.

Elsewhere, Salihamidzic shared the opinion of the trainer that chances were the key. "The national team breaks disturb our rhythm, but we have to go through," he said and recommended: "We have to pull ourselves together and play successfully." It's about time.

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