Niklas Kaul is sensationally crowned king of athletes

Decathlete Niklas Kaul made history with an insane chase at the World Athletics Championships in Doha and crowned himself the new king of athletes.

The Mainzer won after a gala performance with a new best of 8691 points at his World Cup premier sensational gold before Maicel Uibo from Estonia (8604).


Bronze won the Canadian Damian Warner (8529). After the coup by Kaul, which was only at 0.36 local time, his parents cheered him in the stands.

"I can not believe it, it takes a few days until I realize this," said Kaul on the stadium microphone. At the finish, he had fallen onto the track completely exhausted and had repeatedly covered his face.

Kaul benefits from Mayer's failure

Unleashed, Kaul delivered a top performance on German Unification Day and at the end of such an exhausting competition in Qatar at just 21 years and 234 days, by far the most recent decathlon world champion in history.

Before him, Torsten Voss was born in 1987 in Rome with 24 years and 164 days won. So far, the GDR athlete was the only German to win decathlon gold. Now Kaul has inherited his legacy – in the very last hour of October 3, after German time.

Kaul is the shooting star of the scene and a super talent – but the U23 European Champion is already the big one in Doha Breakthrough creates, after that it had not looked for a long time.

Kaul benefited in his triumph from the failure of the world record Kevin Mayer (France), who had to give up the pole vault due to Achilles tendon problems without a valid attempt.

Kaul unrolls the field from behind

After the first day, Kaul was only eleventh, but then the student teacher (physics and sports) started to catch up.

Nobody is catching the javelin and over the final 1500 m more points than him. "Tomorrow I can catch up, the first day is usually damage limitation," Kaul had already said after halftime

With 14.64 seconds over the hurdles, 49.20 m with the discus, 5.00 m in the pole vault , incredible 79.05 m in the javelin throw and 4: 15.70 minutes over the 1500 m Kaul rolled the field from behind and improved in the everlasting German leaderboard in fifth place

But what is that already in the Comparison to this title. Kaul had previously announced that he had big plans in Qatar – namely, how Frank Busemann at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 to stir up the decathlon world.

"We both wanted to annoy the old and the grown-ups at a young age it succeeded there, and I hope I succeed first in Doha and then also in Tokyo, "said Kaul before his World Cup premiere.

Nowak Tenth, Kazmirek out prematurely

And then Kaul actually put his announcement into action. The youngster could not be disturbed by a shivering leg during the long jump.

His first jump was the furthest one at first – but at first he was only 6,32 m in the classification. The TV images proved, however, that he had landed well behind the 7 -meter mark. The DLV team leadership successfully protested and Kaul was credited with 7.19m.

Tim Nowak finished tenth with 8122 points. Kai Kazmirek, the 2017 World Cup bronze medalist in London, was eliminated from over 110m hurdles and missed early on his chances of being placed in front.

European Champion Arthur Abele and London Vice World Champion Rico Freimuth ended their season early due to injury , Olympic champion Ashton Eaton (USA) had ended his career after the 2016 Games in Rio.

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