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The Story for Normal Trailer:
Adele Tulli's formally straightforward and aesthetically compelling film document deals with rigid gender roles and uncritical submission to the dictates of (hetero-) normativity. The director focuses the camera on everyday actions, rituals and scenes and makes some situations seem strange by a counter-image-sound montage. In long, calm settings, she shows how girls are made into princesses, how a father accompanies his son on a motorbike race, and how screeching teen girls get photographed with the smitten YouTube star. She shows guys doing first person shoot and gotcha games, keeps track of a newlywed couple's photo shoot, shows sprawling stag parties, films a class to show young men how to become an alpha male, and one to teach women to how to best serve the husband in marriage. Tulli remains consistently observant, almost distant. In the non-commentary juxtaposition of these innumerable stereotypical acts, a commentary is ultimately contained.

Adele Tulli

Adele Tulli

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