Rock Hard – CIRITH UNGOL: 'Join The Legion' live video released


08.10.2019, 20:28

CIRITH UNGOL offer a live preview of 'Join The Legion', a foretaste of their upcoming live DVD / CD "I'm Alive".

The latest CIRITH UNGOL release will be released on October 25 on Metal Blade Records. The clip for 'Join The Legion' was recorded live at the Up the Hammers Festival in Athens, Greece. In addition to the complete set of The Up The Hammers Festival, "I'm Alive" also features concerts from the Hammer of Doom (2017) and the ROCK HARD FESTIVAL (2018) as well as a two-hour documentary on CIRITH UNGOL. The artwork originates again from the pen of the renowned artist Michael Whelan, who designed the covers of all four studio albums of the band.

The "I'm Alive" -tracklist:

CD 1 [GAGARIN205AthensGreece


  • Live Audio from Up The Hammers Festival, May 27, 2017
    • Bonus Tracks – Hammer of Doom Festival – Nov 18, 2017, Posthalle, Würzburg, Germany


    • Up The Hammers Festival 2017 (full set)
    • Hammer of Doom Festival 2018 (complete set)

    DVD 2

    • Rock Hard Festival 2018 (complete set): 00:57:34
    • Rock Hard Interview: 00:10:48

    See the 'Join The Legion Live clip here:


    Simon Bauer

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