Rock Hard – GRAILKNIGHTS: "The Great VHS Battle


09.10.2019, 18:03

The GRAILKNIGHTS announce their new live release "The Great VHS Battle – Grailknights Live at Grailham City" on November 1st.

Before the GRAILKNIGHTS join forces with FEUERSCHWANZ on 9 November, the band announces their second live release, "The Great VHS Battle – Grailknights Live in Grailham City," for November 1st. Here you can already take a look at the cover artwork. The album is released as a DVD and CD and recorded at a concert in May this year in Grailham City, the band's hometown. The video footage of the evening will cover about two hours, while the audio recordings will total 80 minutes.


09.11.2019 Metal Hammer Paradise – Weissenhäuser Strand
12.12.2019 Stuttgart – LKA Longhorn
13.12.2019 Munich – Backstage work
14.12.2019 CH-Pratteln – Z7
19.12.2019 Hamburg – Market Hall
20.12.2019 Berlin – Columbia Theater
21.12.2019 Cologne – Carlswerk Victoria
27.12.2019 Leipzig – Hellraiser
28.12.2019 Nuremberg – Löwensaal
07.02.2019 Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
13.03.2020 Hamburg – Indra
09.05.2020 Hannover – MusikZentrum


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