Snowfall: Season 3 starts at FOX

Dark machinations, dark abysses and lots of white powder – that's "snowfall". The gripping ensemble series sheds light on the background of the crack wave that rolled over America in the 1980s – and takes the viewer on "a literally intoxicating journey," as the US TV guide "TV Guide" writes. While some of the protagonists in the drug business are gaining money and influence at an insane pace, others are falling by the wayside. "Snowfall" was conceived and produced by screenwriter and director John Singleton ("Boyz n the Hood"), who died in April of this year, in cooperation with Eric Amadio ("Stuntmen") and Dave Andron ("Justified"). In addition to a thrilling plot, the series impresses with the haunting performance of the young performers, especially Damson Idris, Emily Rios and Angela Lewis.

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