This is how the new decathlon world champion is ticking

Niklas Kaul has become the youngest decathlon world champion in history. We introduce the 21-year-old from A to Z.

A like apple porridge: Kaul spooned baby food in Doha for a quick strengthening between disciplines.


B as a profession: Kaul is a student teacher of physics and sports.

C like Cash: For WM-Gold he receives a premium of 60,000 dollars (just under 55,000 euros).

D as Disco: Kaul is not a typical club-goer, he's got more WG-parties.

E like characteristics: Kaul describes himself as ambitious, organized and shy.

F like family: Later Having one of his own children is a great wish of his.

G like Gene: His parents were also successful athletes, running 400m hurdles.

H how devotion: A day without training can become Kaul can not imagine anymore. This is anchored as in others the "coffee break."

I like instrument: He used to play tuba once

J like Junior: Kaul was already a big one among the "little ones" U18 and U20 world champion, holds the U20 world record and was still U23 European champion before Doha.

K like coffee: Without the caffeine catcher, nothing happens at Kaul in the morning.

L how loyal: Kaul joined the USC Mainz at the age of eleven, he's been on the charts for a long time – but he wants to stay in Mainz.

M like music: Kaul hears almost everything, from Eminem to charts to AC / DC, before an important competition especially Rock and Heavy Metal.

N like Netflix: With the streaming service he likes to watch series to relax.

O like Olympia: Being there is his very big dream.

P like pancakes: he likes to eat for breakfast.

Q like torment: As a decathlete you have to bring "a capacity to suffer" he says: "Because it hurts too."

R like record: Jürgen Hingsen's national record of 8832 points from 1984 seems to be in danger, Frank Busemann trusts Kaul even over 9000 counters too.

S like weakness: He calls himself "very lazy".

T like coach: Kaul is coached by his mother Stefanie and father Michael.

U like university: Kaul studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

V how to prepare: As a teen, Kaul trained for some time alongside Ashton Eaton, the Olympic champion and former world record holder is his idol

W like joke: Humans with humor impress him

X like X-Factor: Definitely the javelin throwing him as many points as no one else.

Y like Youngster: Never before has a decathlon world champion been so young, Kaul took the title at 21 years and 234 days.

Z like decathlon: His great sporting love. Kaul decided after the U18 World Cup 2015 against a career in the javelin.

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