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<p class= macOS Catalina is named after a rocky island off the coast of California.

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Apple has released macOS Catalina. Among other things, the new operating system replaces iTunes with four new apps and the Finder, making the iPad a close partner of Mac computers.


From now on users of a Mac computer can install macOS Catalina. The hardware requirements are moderate, most of the devices that were manufactured from 2012, are fit for the installation of the new operating system. Only a Mac Pro can not be older than six years. Here are the key changes:

iTunes split

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<p class= Only iTunes is gone, the songs can now be found in the music app.

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– The most noticeable change that users will see after rebooting is the missing iTunes app, which has been distributed to a total of five applications under Catalina, with Apple's original application for the music app Finds songs, movies and TV series now manages the TV app, podcasts have their own application, audiobooks are managed by the books app, and iPhones, iPads and iPads are now dire kt synchronized in the Finder.

– In the future there will be more and more Mac versions of iPad apps. Apple allows developers via "Mac Catalyst" a simple adaptation of their iOS applications. So far, the offer is still very manageable. But the number of adapted iPad applications is expected to increase rapidly, including Twitter has announced a Catalyst app. In addition, Apple requires iPad developers to require all applications to be compatible by April 2020 at the latest.

iPad as Second Display

 Apple macOS-Catalina-sidecar-tethered-woman-drawing-100719.jpg "data-src =" 750 / Apple-macOS-Catalina-sidecar-tethered-woman-drawing-100719.jpg "class =" lazyload "/> </picture><figcaption>
<p class= The iPad can become a graphics tablet under Catalina.

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– The iPad itself is after the update the best friend of Mac machines and can serve him via the new sidecar function as a second display However, the devices need to be relatively young – an iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro must have come out in 2016 or later, a Mac mini can not be older than a year and is just the Mac Pro 2019 compatible. For the iPads, Sidecar only works with the latest versions and all Pro models.

With Sidecar it is possible to mirror the presentation for presentations or use the iPad as a separate screen. The tablet can also serve as an input device for the Apple Pencil or as an additional touch bar.

Sidecar works via cable or Wi-Fi. The function can be found in the settings, the blue icon shows a MacBook with a second display. But you can also easily connect via the Airplay logo. Incidentally, the icon in the menu bar is now a transversal iPad.

– The Catalina Photos app is very similar to iOS 13. She is now also "curated" and independently states the "most beautiful moments" by years, months or days. You can zoom in and out of images and collections anywhere in the library with two fingers, and Apple has improved the search with proactive suggestions and structured results.

More time for yourself and your children

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<p class= Screen time is now also available for Macs.

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– As you already know from the iPhone and iPad, you now have your screen time on the Mac at a glance – who wants, schedules times when the Mac stays off, or sets limits on apps or websites parents have the option to control the screen time for their children.

– The reminder app now has it A completely new user interface on the Mac that makes it easier to create, manage, and track reminders.

– Under macOS Catalina, you can block emails from specific senders, get rid of commercial mailing lists, and mute too-heavy threads.

– The Notes app now features a new gallery view, improved search, and more collaboration options.

– Apple has also beefed up the Safari browser a bit. Among other things, it now has an updated home page that uses Siri's suggestions to highlight frequently visited websites, bookmarks, iCloud tabs, selected reading lists, and links sent in messages.

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<p class= Arcade currently costs 5 euros per month including family release.

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– With macOS Catalina, Apple's new Arcade game subscription will also be featured on Macs, and those who have already booked the subscription on their iPhone or iPad will not have to pay again, but can get started right away.

Stricter security measures

– Finally, Apple has further strengthened its security, including the gatekeeper checking installed apps for the first time before booting and regularly checking for known issues. Applications need to ask before looking at document folders to access the desktop or downloads.

In the recent Macs from built in 201 8, the T2 chip allows for an activation lock as on iPhones and iPads. If a computer is stolen or lost, it is useless for thieves and finders. The new operating system runs on an isolated area of ​​the hard disk, which is read-only and strictly separate from the writable volume with applications.

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