VIDEO: These are the women of well-known German presenters

Films about and with great women:

7 women : The death of his father causes the globetrotter Hans Hummel to return home to Berlin to claim his inheritance. The old gentleman not only left his son a millionfold wealth, but also gave up a riddle.

Women Are Not Lying : A German Film Comedy

Among Women : The smart, good-looking Alex is such a macho that one day his exiles decide to take revenge on him. Alex wakes up after a traumatic accident in a strange parallel world in which there are only women.

Alone Among Women : With Tom Blattner, a die-hard macho, fate does not mean well. Fired by the boss, thrown out of the apartment by the girlfriend, he is beaten to death by a woman in a flirtation attempt.

Women Drinking Prosecco : Star journalist Flora receives an offer from the women's magazine "Bouquet" and wants to move Daniel to Paris with her lover. He is married, has a daughter and – stays with his wife.

Pretty Woman : The speculator Edward Lewis stumbles upon the naive prostitute Vivian on a business trip to Los Angeles. Vivian seems to like him, and so the smart millionaire hires the girl for a week as an accompaniment.

Wonder Woman : Diana is from Themyscira, the island of the Amazons, where women rule and there are no men. But also on the paradise-seeming island is about power and struggle.

The Schadenfreundinnen : Carly has to realize that her new friend Mark is a cheater, because by chance she meets Kate, his wife. Suddenly, Carly is the one who donates to Kate comforting and thus creates an unusual friendship.

The Woman In Black : The young lawyer Arthur Kipps works in a small London law firm in the mid-19th century.

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