Weather week in quick check: High "Majla" ensures mild autumn weather






A high-pressure area brings us warm temperatures in the coming week with peaks around 20 degrees. Only in the north it stays a bit cooler. Tourists in Italy and Spain, however, have to reckon with severe weather.


In the new weather week, high-pressure influence prevails everywhere. This means that the rains in the northwestern half are soon over, and most of them are dry. The associated high is called "Majla" and also ensures very pleasant temperatures. At least with sun support like times peaks around 20 degrees in it. It remains cooler only in the north and everywhere, where fog or high fog keep tougher. The permanent gray regions are more likely to be the exception.

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A different kind of weather The southern part of the Alps and northern Italy are already experiencing heavy rains, and while the situation there is relaxing on Tuesday, the western Mediterranean is brewing an intense downpour, with a total of up to 300 on the southern side of the Alps at the beginning of the week Liters per square meter possible The humid Mediterranean air, which is expressed on the mountains, is likely to bring the strongest precipitation, especially around the Lago Maggiore – northern Piedmont and western Ticino.

Then it continues directly on the western Mediterranean There develops from the A stormy day, which will bring heavy rain and heavy thunderstorms to the northeast coast of Spain, possibly also to the Balearic Islands, southern France and northern Italy. In storage situations over 400 liters of rain can fall. Landslides and floods are very likely. And also tornadoes over the land and water pants over the sea can not be ruled out. In addition, storm gusts and hailstorm threaten.

In the new week, however, we will stay between "Golden October" and local November gray. Here are the details.


The start of the week in the north and west is still changeable with showers. However, it should also stay dry here in the afternoon more often. In the south and east, meanwhile, it remains mostly friendly. The temperatures bring it to 13 degrees with the northern lights and to 26 degrees with Föhn in the south of Bavaria.

Tuesday to Thursday

High "Majla" is there and expected us calm and dry autumn weather. However, sometimes tough fog forms, which usually dissolves from noon, but not everywhere. Sometimes it just stays gray. Those who are lucky with the sun often expect temperatures of around 20 degrees. The warmest day is Thursday with up to 23 degrees. Only in the north it stays a bit cooler at around 15 degrees.

Friday and the weekend

If everything goes well, then little changes. From today it remains off the beaten track or after mist and fog fields friendly to sunny and dry. Temperatures drop slightly at 14 to 20 degrees.

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