"Do not know how that's possible": Ariana Grande inhaled against illness





Ariana Grande is on a world tour. But the 26-year-old singer has caught a big cold. On Instagram, she shows how she does it – and prepares her fans for unpleasant news.


Fans are worried about Ariana Grande. The singer is currently struggling with an illness. Actually, the 26-year-old is currently traveling around the planet with her Sweetener World Tour. On Instagram, she now explains to her fans that some of the upcoming shows may have to be canceled.

"I'm still very ill, I've been ill since the last show in London, I do not know how it's possible, but my neck and head cause a lot of pain," she writes on Instagram. She also explains that she has difficulty breathing during the show. She has already been to the doctor and try to do her best. "The last thing I want is to cancel a show."

On Instagram, she showed up inhaling several times. In an update, she also states that she still can not swallow properly or lift her head. But she will continue to receive medical care.

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