"Nuclear Weapons Division": American Neo-Nazi splinter group threatens Berlin politician

Maik Baumgärtner, Jörg Diehl, Alexander Epp, Roman Höfner, Martin Knobbe, Sven Röbel, Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt, Ali Winston

Reconstructed as Donna Clark last year Germany relocated, it should be a fresh start. Away from threats, violence, hatred. In the US, the activist was targeted by neo-Nazis. On a demo right-wing extremists attacked them, including a supporter of a troop with the mistaken name "nuclear weapons division" (AWD). It is considered one of the most dangerous groups in the United States and its members are held responsible for several murders. In propaganda videos, they perform skull masks.

But the peace away from home did not last long. On a Thursday afternoon in November 2018, a German state guard Clark sent a message in English: "Please contact me as soon as possible."

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation had informed the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) that Clark was also there in danger in this country.

This entry first appeared in the SPIEGEL issue 46/2019.

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