Olaf Scholz does not want to renounce SPD chancellor candidates

Vice Chancellor and party candidate Olaf Scholz does not want the SPD to abandon its self-conception of establishing a chancellor candidate in a federal election. He criticized a raid by his rival for the party leadership of Norbert Walter-Borjans: "Whoever does that makes the SPD small – and the Social Democratic Party does not deserve that," Scholz told the "Tagesspiegel"



The Federal Finance Minister affirmed that the SPD could quickly gain ten percentage points in a federal election with the right candidate. Asked whether he was this candidate, Scholz said according to the interview: "We are only now in the process of electing chairpersons."


Walter-Borjans had said in the SPIEGEL debate that he did not believe "that at this moment we would be in the position of setting up a chancellor candidate". Days later he said: If it becomes apparent before the general election that the SPD could lead a government, "we will of course say who is to become chancellor."



The SPD members can vote in a ballot on the new party leadership from Tuesday to November 29. Scholz is running against Klara Geywitz against the duo Saskia Esken / Walter-Borjans. On 30 November, the SPD wants to announce which duo won the second round. Thereafter, a party congress will confirm the winners and vote on the continuation of GroKo.


Plan for male associations "possibly unconstitutional"


In the interview, Scholz also defended his proposal for a cancellation of tax benefits for pure men's associations against criticism from the Union. "It's about clubs that consistently and deliberately do not allow women to join – without any factual reason," he said. CDU Vice Armin Laschet had spoken about referring to miners' classics of a "frontal attack on the honorary office". The association law expert Johannes Fein described Scholz's plan in the SPIEGEL interview as "possibly unconstitutional".


The Vice Chancellor also welcomed in the "Tagesspiegel" interview the planned construction of a factory of the e-car manufacturer Tesla in Brandenburg. Regarding German industry representatives, he said: "The German companies will invest billions in investment in new vehicle technologies and I am sure that they will continue to lead the way."

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