Reduce Unnecessary Bureaucracy: The "Yellow Sheen" is History





The Federal Council approves a package of laws for less bureaucracy. The sick leave on paper will in future be replaced by a digital certificate. Also, registration forms for hotel accommodation should no longer be completed by hand. The Landkammer also devotes itself to the parcel courier.


Land Tax, Housing Benefit and the Digital Sickness Notice: The Federal Council has passed a number of important decisions.

Digital sick leave:

Workers no longer have to pay the "yellow bill "to the employer to get sick. The Federal Council approved the bill already passed by the Bundestag on reducing bureaucracy, which provides for an electronic notification procedure instead of the previous certificate of incapacity for work from 2021.

Faster check-in at the hotel:

The registration form for overnight stays at the hotel will soon be obsolete. In Germany, every host, from the hotel owner to the landlord of holiday apartments to the provider of campsites is required to have each guest fill out a registration form. So far, this is done by hand and on paper. It is now being replaced by an electronic notification procedure.


In the future, they will be better protected against legal violations by their employers: The so-called subcontractor liability is intended to ensure the correct payment of social security contributions be assured in the future. If a contracted subcontractor does not pay any contributions, the main contractor becomes liable. Companies could only avoid liability if they provide a clearance certificate showing that their subcontractors have been specially audited in advance. Health insurances and professional associations issue such a certificate if subcontractors have so far paid the social contributions properly. The decision goes back to a government bill that had taken up a claim from the countries.

Land Tax:

It may be reformed as required by the Federal Constitutional Court. This must be implemented by the end of 2024, the new regulation will finally apply from January 2025. Until then, the old law will continue.

Housing benefit:

From the 1. From January 2022, the subsidy will be adjusted every two years to changes in rent and income. Instead of 480,000 households, the housing subsidy will benefit around 660,000 households. Also introduced is a new, seventh rental for particularly expensive areas. Maximum amounts of the housing allowance are to be regionally graded.


In order to improve the pay of the nursing staff, the law allows the Federal Ministry of Labor, collective agreements between employers and employees in the care sector

Compensation for SED Victims:

Victims of political persecution in the GDR should be able to apply for rehabilitation beyond 2019. The rehabilitation of children in the GDR is to be simplified. Also persecuted students can be rehabilitated. In addition, the detention period required for rehabilitation will be reduced to 90 days. The compensation for a political imprisonment in the GDR increases from 214 to 240 euros per month. The SED-Opferrenten rise by 30 euros to 330 euros a month.


The next census in 2021 is a population census, a building and housing census and include a household survey on a sample basis. Statistical surveys are planned in the first place.


Anyone wishing to take up this profession must in future have their own university subject with a five-year degree complete. The new law makes the new degree a prerequisite for a license to practice. So far, psychotherapists must first complete a full degree in psychology, at the child and youth therapists, it is a pedagogy study. This is followed by training as a psychotherapist.


There will also be a degree course for training as an obstetrician. According to another law approved by the Federal Council, it will take six to eight semesters and link the scientific theory with practice. The prerequisite is twelve years of school education or the completed training in a nursing profession.

Implant Registers:

The safety and quality of implants should improve: The registry should provide long-term observations of

Climate Package of the Federal Government:

In a statement on the proposed legislation of the grand coalition, the countries plead for the system of Comprehensively revise taxes and charges in the energy sector. In addition, a larger share of renewable energies must be achieved in the transport sector. For this purpose, the development of market-ready commercial vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell drive must be accelerated. In addition, lorries powered by methane gas could enable climate-friendly freight transport.

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