Revonex under power: Kymco brings e-naked bike





Many electric motorcycles are unmistakably recognizable as such. At Kymco, however, the drive is covered with a largely conventional design. And the performance data are close to conventional motorcycles.


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<p class= The Revonex will be released by Kymco in 2021.

(Photo: Kymco)

The scooter manufacturer Kymco seems to be serious about its electric ambitions in the motorcycle sector: In November 2018, the Taiwanese company presented the much-acclaimed electric sports bike at the EICMA in Milan Supermanx, which is in no way inferior in performance and appearance to conventional supersports.The actual 2019 edition of the Italian motorcycle show would have been a good occasion to present a production version, but instead Kymco revealed the Revonex, a technically related Naked Bike with a pleasing appearance, the Ausbl Even though Kymco mainly builds scooters, the designers seem to be in the motorcycle sector. Anyway, the Revonex looks like a chic, modern all-rounder. In terms of ergonomics, workmanship and frame construction, the e-bike could also come from one of the more famous motorcycle manufacturers. In luminaire design or digital cockpit, the single-track current generator is progressive. Above all, the similarity to conventionally powered motorcycles is astonishing, because it does not make sense at first or second glance that it is an electric motorcycle.

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<p class= An exhaust system is sought in vain for the Revonex by Kymco.

(Photo: Kymco)

Among other things, this is due to the multi-colored trim above the aluminum bridge frame, which looks like a classic tank, and also below is a gearbox that is atypical for e-motorcycles. But as with the Supernex, Kymco relies on a six-speed transmission with automatic function, which is probably the reason for the top speed of over 200 km / h, which can be reached in about 12 seconds.

The 100s Mark falls after less than four seconds, so that the unspecified force cleanly converted into propulsion Revonex is equipped with launch control and traction control. In addition, the character of the bike can be changed via the on-board electronics. At the push of a button, the driver can choose between the unusually titled modes Assertive, Poised, Bold and Extreme. While Poised stands for silent gliding, the machine in extreme mode is meant to scream out "the suppressed passion of the driver."

While Kymco left the question of mass production in the case of the Supernex, the revelation of the Revonex is concrete become: 2021 the e-bike should go into series. Because until then could change a lot in the battery technology, the Taiwanese manufacturer will not comment on battery size, range or charging time.

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