Rock Hard – DERANGED: New album scheduled for Spring 2020


20.11.2019, 15:39

DERANGED are currently working on their tenth studio album at the Berno Studio in Malmö.

The release of the disc is planned for the spring of next year via Agonia Records. The following message sends the Death Metal guys out of the studio:

"We're back at Berno Studio to record our tenth album! Eight tracks of racy, uncompromising brutality and skull-shattering harshness! The album title is yet to be confirmed, some of the song titles are: 'Quarantine Required For The Rotten Masses', 'Engulfed By Hate I Stab To Kill', 'Carnal Provision For The Rotten Masses'. "

The DERANGED line-up:

Johan Bergström – Vocals
Thomas Ahlgren – Guitar
Andreas Johansson – Bass
Rikard Wermen – Drums


Alexandra Michels

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