These are the 5 biggest fires after the swatter at FC Bayern

After the 0: 4 debacle at Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund started in a restless international break. analyzes the situation at BVB and the five largest fires in Dortmund.

1. The fire of the BVB: The leadership players debate

After the blamable revelation at Bayern, it is in Dortmund again in full swing: the leadership players debate.


In Munich only Mats Hummels visibly resisted the bankruptcy. The ex-national player went at least courageously in the duels (and won at least 57 percent of his direct duels), in his body language agreed. It was a bitter irony of fate that the former Munich player met their own goal in the 80th minute without any luck.

All other alleged leaders went down with their teammates. Manuel Akanji, vice-captain last season, confirmed the weakness of form of recent weeks, Axel Witsel never found his usual sovereignty and the regular captain Marco Reus came after his ankle injury only to a nearly 30-minute, extremely pale Joker use , Lukasz Piszczek and Thomas Delaney, on paper also two professionals from the mentality player category, are on the bench for more than 90 minutes.

Taking only the match in Munich as a benchmark, is the Dortmund cadre conversion in the last two transfer periods in the void. Instead of playing "men's football", as demanded by sporting director Michael Zorc in advance, BVB once again presented itself as a willing victim in the Allianz Arena. It will be in the sporting leadership "the actual state analyze exactly," announced CEO Hans -Joachim Watzke.

2. Brand of the BVB: The composition of the squad

Julian Brandt, Thorgan Hazard, Nico Schulz: This "three-pack" of BVB on the transfer market within 24 hours caused a stir in the summer. Three internationals, three players who left their mark on the league at least in phases last season. The new signings seemed to underline the Dortmund title ambitions.

A few months later there is nothing left of the then euphoria. Brandt and Hazard did not get over good approaches in the black and yellow jersey. Schulz is still waiting for his first convincing match for BVB.

The fact that only the commitment of Mats Hummels announced some time after Brandt, Hazard and Schulz has really paid off does not give the Dortmund squad planners around Zorc any good marks

Nor does the fact that there is a serious alternative to the storm center apart from Paco Alcácer. Allegedly also because of Favre's veto against such a commitment, the makers did not yield to this position. It was not the first time in Munich that it was a misjudgment.

3. Burning out of BVB: The Sancho problem

It was not easy to stand out from a very weak Dortmund team in a duel with Bayern. Jadon Sancho succeeded easily. Only 36 minutes lasted the terrifyingly weak performance of the shooting star. Then, Favre released the wing-wrench and replaced him.

Sancho's horror record to this early stage of the game: a total of 13 ball losses, several sloppy actions and the momentous Lapsus before the 0: 1 goal.

The low point in Munich did not come out of the blue. For weeks, Sancho's shape curve showed steep downward. Of his eight-goal appearances in the Bundesliga, he recorded only one after the fifth matchday.

 Jadon Sancho is at the BVB in form low

Jadon Sancho is at BVB in form low

Fittingly, the "kicker" on Monday reported increasing internal club criticism of Sancho's behavior off the field. Arrogant is said to give the 20-year-old Englishman, do not abide by rules that apply to the entire team – behaviors that remind of former Dortmund problem professionals such as Ousmane Dembélé and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

4. The fire of the BVB: The coach discussion

After the 0-2 in the Champions League at Inter Milan and the bloodless performance in the Revierderby on Schalke (0: 0) Favre seemed almost dismissed. With José Mourinho a highly prominent representative of the guild was traded as a successor. But by winning the Cup against Gladbach and the unbeaten 3-0 in the league against Wolfsburg Favre sits back in the saddle.

The Bayern debacle does not change anything about that for the time being. Especially as the Swiss in the preparation for the game louder and more emotional presented than usual and loud "kicker" continues to have support in the team. Zorc's billing with the performance in Munich ("That was no football at all, we did not take place") was explicitly aimed at the players but not at the coach.

However, it is extremely unlikely that in the case of Watzke announced analysis is also not talked about Favre's share in the misery. And in public, the discussion about the 62-year-old continues anyway.

5. Burning Hearts of BVB: Fans' Loss of Love

During the intoxicating second half in the Champions League match against Inter, when BVB turned a 0-2 deficit into a 3-2 draw, the mood was in signal Iduna Park for a long time not – especially because the fans goutierten that the black and yellow finally played once again "full throttle football."

In Munich, nothing was seen. As so often in away games in recent months, the BVB pros presented themselves juvenile and powerless, without guts and to all excess even playful weak.

The consequences were felt immediately: As the team after the Wanted to thank the traveling supporters in the guest block, was heard such a shrill whistling concert, that the stars immediately turned back and disappeared quickly in the catacombs.

The BVB after the international break so once again the fans on to take his side.

Tobias Knoop

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