THW Kiel only draws against bottom of the field HC Motor Saporoschje

German handball champions THW Kiel have again made a surprising point loss in the Champions League. The THW came in front of their own audience only to a 32:32 (16:17) against taillight HC Motor Zaporozhye, but still remains leaders of the Group B.

"The Ukrainians have earned this point, Kiel has his chances especially not used in the first half, "said former coach Heiner Brand as" Sky "expert.


Best thrower of the THW was the Swede Niclas Ekberg, who took the penalty seven times and turned nine times. National player Hendrik Pekeler from the circle and Ekberg's compatriot Lukas Nilsson from the backcourt met five times each.

The captain and director Domagoj Duvnjak was painfully missing on the Kiel side, after his in the Bundesliga top match against the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf suffered a broken hamstring in the left calf for several weeks.

Meanwhile, the two-time German champion Rhein-Neckar Löwen celebrated a sense of achievement after a 29:17 (15: 6) in the return leg of the third Qualifying round against SKA Minsk reached the group stage in the EHF Cup. Best throwers of the Mannheim were with four goals international Patrick Groetzki and Niclas Kirkelökke and Gedeon Guardiola. The first leg was won by the Lions with 32:28.

THW Kiel – HC Motor Zaporozhye 32:32 (16:17). – Goals: Ekberg (9), Pekeler (6), Nilsson (4), Dahmke (4), Reinkind (3), Rahmel (3), Wiencek (2), Zarabec (1) for Kiel. – Puchuski (10), Kossakevych (5), Soroka (4), Babitschau (3), Denysov (3), Doroshchuk (3), Malasinskas (2), Zhukov (2) for Zaporozhye. – Spectators: 7618

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