Jimmy Carter: Former US President Returned to Hospital

Former US President Jimmy Carter was taken to a hospital in Americus, Georgia, over the weekend. According to his spokeswoman, the 95-year-old had to be treated there because of a urinary tract infection.


"He feels better and is looking forward to returning home soon," a statement released by spokeswoman Deanna Congileo on behalf of the Carter Foundation said. They will issue another message as soon as Carter is released from hospital.


The former president has recently had several health problems. He had been discharged from a hospital last Wednesday: he had had surgery on 12 November for a brain hemorrhage. The bleeding had developed after several falls and pressed on the brain. According to the foundation, the operation was without complications.


The Democrat is the eldest of the surviving former US presidents. He was in office from 1977 to 1981. Four years later, he lost the election against Ronald Reagan.


After the end of his term Carter is committed to democracy, human rights and peaceful conflict resolution worldwide. For this he received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize. As part of the project Habitat for Humanity, he was still very active in the construction of houses for the needy, even in old age – and also took part on the construction sites again and again.

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