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The Band will provide you with the following items:

Agreed number of instrumentalists including if required lead singer, chorus and dance caller

Smart approprite attire

An agreed musical program

Up to 15 metres of electrical power cable

Commercial quality sound reinforcement system (PA) appropriate for the venue and audience


The Band requires that you provide the following facilities:

A dry weather proof area providing adequate protection for our instruments and performers

Stable 240 volt single phase power supply within 5 metres of the performing area

Vehicular access within 100 metres of the performing area and free parking

Access to the venue at least 2 hours before the performance commences

Performance area of about 4 metres by 4 metres (preferably elevated)

About a 1 metre gap between the performers and the audience.

Insurance for Band members against personal injury and equipment loss in accordance with statutory


Payment in cash or cheque upon completion of the performance (or by alternative methods mutually



Contractual Obligations:

• We will give you a written quotation for our fees for the event based on the information provided on the Application for a Performance form.

• When you contract with Snake Gully Band to play at your event we will send you a Booking Contract. If there is a change in the details of the event it will be a requirement that you notify the Band two weeks prior to the event. This may require an update to the quoted fee.

• If, after booking the event, you decide to cancel, the following penalties may be imposed:

Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event– no penalty

Cancellation within 15 - 29 days of the event– payment of half the agreed fee

Cancellation within 0-14 days of the event– payment of the full booking fee.



Snake Gully Band will issue an invoice for the performance.

You will NOT be charged GST.

You will not be obligated to withhold tax from the fee. We will provide the required ATO exemption form.

Terms and Conditions

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